Archivo | noviembre, 2011


29 Nov

Hace unos días, para aplicar a participar en un evento que me resulta importante, me pidieron que emitiera mi opinión con realación a una serie de preguntas que hoy comparto con Ustedes. Que creen?

1. What are the key issues and priorities facing young people today?

As young people, our agendas are to be focused on the shaping of our future. In this regard, three issues render of utter importance:

First of all, there’s reducing the hunger gap. 1.7 seven billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty today. More than a fight for equality, today’s youth is in the obligation of committing with the satisfaction of a basic human need. Working towards the achievements of feasible solutions with regards to poverty, as well as health and educational insufficiencies guarantees change.

Additionally, our efforts are to be geared towards guaranteeing sustainability: on an individual, local and global level, as well as in social, environmental and economic dimensions. Our actions today will unfold in consequences for posterity. Therefore, we are liable for actions.

And finally, the time has come to re-visit our standards of humanity, to identify the adequate set of values that shall serve as pillars moving forward and to consign to the dignification of mankind.

2. Why would you like to represent your generation at Davos? How can you best serve as a liaison?

These are questions that can be answered with a single word: commitment. Commitment and dedication to social contribution that will serve as the perfect tool to build a bridge between Davos and the Dominican Republic.

Attending Davos, implies a great deal of responsibility towards my generation and imposes the obligation to share the knowledge acquired. The development of nations cannot result from single-handed and independent actions, upon today’s youth is bestowed the duty of assuming an active roll. I commit to helping the youth of the Dominican Republic to form part of those molding hands.

Because 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 27, it’s our shared responsibility.

3. How will you engage with your Hub, your community and your generation at large? What do you hope to bring back from Davos?

The most effective mechanism of engagement is through the multiplication of experiences. Davos’s impact can cross borders, sharing first hand the results of interactions with my Hub in order to identify the possibility of incorporating new ideas into our local plans. As Shapers, we are endowed with the invaluable opportunity of generating change for our community and our generation at large, a chance of leaving footprints that my lead the way.

I hope to bring back from Davos innovative ideas for change, a revolutionized vision of our future, and experiences that voucher for an active participation in the construction of our tomorrow. But above all, I hope to bring back from Davos renewed faith in our capacity and our compromise to better the state of the World. As well as to leave behind, certainty that today’s youth has embarked full-throttle in the journey of reshaping the course of history.