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Opening up

29 Feb

So blogging is tricker than it seems. Regardless to the continuity commitment, I find myself jotting down in my journal a series of ideas and nit bits of inspiration that never get developed. I can’t help but wonder why. Some sort of self inflectes writing drought, do not to writer’s block, but rather writer’s indisposition.

Yet blogging has become an intricate part of my character. I play out ordinary events in my head in the way they would be narrated in a blog post. Any sarendipitous encounter seems Iike an excuse of an entry waiting to happen. Still, I neglect the beloved hobby that vouchers for somewhat feeling like a writer.

And then it hit me. In my blog’s rendition of my life I have left aside one neuralgic component: music. I have yet to introduce the benevolent eyes that read my attempts of writing to the wanna’ be musician in me.

This idyllic love affair began when I was just a little girl. I was bewildered by the idea of melody, rhythm and beat. I was seduced by the voice as an instrument. So I picked up a guitar, and although time has been inclement and it hasn’t turned me into the virtuous player I would have liked to see myself bloom into, I haven’t been able to put it down.

Therefore, in the spirit of the candid narrations that are the spinal chord of this blog, I inaugurate a just as candid section in which I will post weekly homemade videos (literally recorded on my iPhone and barren of any editing or technical improvement) of a song clip starting today.

I begin with an utter cliche, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

Hope I am not opening a Pandora’s box, but I guess there is no denying one’s true self.

Ruthless comments are welcome, and praise is encouraged.