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A year with the Santo Domingo Global Shapers

2 Sep

The Santo Domingo hub reunites talent, passion and enthusiasm. Each member is a valuable contributor of knowledge, expertise in his or her area and humility. Our group is a mix of heart, soul and rhythm that reflects our community’s idiosyncrasy.

As with every beginning, the rise of our hub walked a rough path. 29 strong and determined personalities, committed with the improvement of our society in their own particular way, had to replace egos for compromise in order to start the engines of our hub. Small steps, however, have set us well on our way to the achievement of great doing.

As part of the activities the hub engaged in this past year, it is of interest to note the following:

(i) The Santo Domingo Hub organized and held several “Meet the Leader” forums that allowed us to interact with significant stakeholders of our community including our country’s Vice president, our Minister of Superior Education, and our Attorney General, among others. These close encountershave proven to be an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of current issues of interest for our community.

(ii) On the eve of the 2012 presidential elections, our hub socialized a report on the government plans proposed by the presidential candidates, providing a valuable tool for the analysis of our country’s political options, and aiding to achieve a conscious voting process.

(iii) The Santo Domingo Shapers also took part in the world-wide Global Dignity efforts reaching over 200 students in our city. On October 15th, 2012, our hub actively participated in the organization and celebration of Global Dignity Day, with the purpose of empowering our youth through dignity and allowing students in several sectors to share their dignity stories.

(iv) The hub also organized its first “Discussion Forum” with the intention of provoking and promoting academic debate in our city. In this occasion, the hub served as intermediary inviting a panel of experts to present their views and opinions on the implications of a modification of the mining contract between Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corp., a subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp., and the Dominican government; a subject of heated debate as negotiations between both parties were still underway.

(v) The Santo Domingo Global Shapers completed the community’s bylaws, initiating the legal process for the constitution of an NGO for our community, in accordance with the World Economic Forum’s Guidelines for the Global Shapers.

(vi) During this past year, the hub also celebrated monthly meetings in order to discuss progress of on going projects and future plans, as well as held several informal meetings that gave way to the active and productive interaction of our hub’s members.

In retrospect, this has been a year of growth and of building friendships but, above all, of reaffirming faith in the youth of the city and country. It has, without a doubt, been a privilege to form part of this process.